AJC Media, LLC is a husband and wife team out of Bean Station, a tiny, rural town in East Tennessee.

Together we share over 15 years of experience in face to face as well as online marketing and sales. We also share a 4 year old son and two dogs.

We have extensive experience in physical marketing, digital marketing, branding, social media management, website development, SEO and much more.

Most of our clients will tell you that aside from the quality of our work, the things that they admire most about us is that we are:

1) HONEST- If we do not feel that your business will benefit from something, we will tell you. Would we like to have your business? Yes! Are we willing to sell you something that has a very small chance of benefiting your business? No! We would rather work with you on finding ways to meet your goals with realistic expectations at a reasonable price.

2) ACCESSIBLE: Seriously, we hear this all of the time! We are a small business. There are two of us. Our clients know us on a first name basis and they have our personal phone numbers. We return calls and respond to texts and emails pretty quickly. If there is a question or concern, our clients know that they will hear back from one of us (usually) within an hour or less. If you have ever had dealings with “big” companies, you know how valuable this is. We are not hiding behind secretaries or call center menus that give you the runaround.